Steve Job school opens in August!贾伯斯学校,八月开学了!

荷兰(the Netherlands; Holland)的贾伯斯学校(Steve Job School)在8月21日正式开学了!学生人手一台iPad,可以依照个人需求安排课程表上课。学校透过App提供虚拟互动空间,让学生和教练(老师)在教室外也能实时沟通讯息。打破传统书本教学方式,以科技作为核心的贾伯斯学校,预计将在年底前拓展至12间。

The Steve Job primary school in the Netherlands officially opened on August 21st. Every student carrying on his or her own iPad is able to arrange his or her class schedule depending on personal needs. The School provides virtual interactive space through App, which allows students and teachers to communicate promptly outside the classroom. Breaking the traditional teaching method, the technology-based Steve Job school will increase to 12 schools in the end of 2013.

1. 课程表 (n.) kèchéngbiăo
a syllabus

2. 虚拟 (adj.) xūnǐ

3. 实时 (adv.) jíshí

4. 核心 (n.) héxīn
core/ nucleus

5. 打破 (v.) dăpò
to break

6. 拓展 (v.) tuòzhăn
to expand



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