The Beautiful Summer Night Sky美丽的夏日夜空

一名天文观测者上周在苏格兰(Scotland)北部,拍到了罕见的夜光云(Night-Shining Clouds)。这种云目前形成原因还不确定,一般认为是由极细的冰晶构成。它的外观像卷云,但较薄,颜色为银白或蓝色;通常出现在夏天,刚日落不久的高纬度(50°-70°)地区。更特别的是,拍摄过程中还同时出现了极光,幸运的一次捕捉到两种奇幻天文景象。

An astronomer pictured the rare night-shining clouds in northern Scotland last week. It is still uncertain how these clouds are formed, but commonly they are considered to be made of thinnest ice crystals. The clouds look like thinner cirrus with silver or blue color; normally they appear in the summer, especially in high-latitude regions shortly after sunset. More special, aurora was sequentially spotted when filming. It was lucky enough to capture the two fantastic celestial phenomena at once.

罕见 (adj.) hǎnjiàn

冰晶 (n.) bīngjīng
crystals of water ice

卷云 (n.) juǎnyún
cirrus clouds

日落 (n.) rìluò

极光 (n.) jíguāng
aurora borealis



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