Japan wins 2020 Summer Olympics host bid 日本赢得2020年夏季奥运主办权


International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted in Argentina, Sept. 5, (5:00 a.m. Tokyo time) for the host city of the 2020 Olympics.  The final result announced Tokyo once again won the bid.  It would be the second time for Tokyo to host the Olympic Games since its first win in 1964.  According to analysis, the public security and the circumstances of Tokyo are favorable, most of the fields are centralized, and its complete and developed transportation such as the subway is another plus, those of which thus resulted in the victory of Tokyo.

1.      主办权 (n.) zhŭbànquán

the right to host

2.      凌晨 (n.) língchén
very early in the morning

3.      表决 (v.) biăojué
to vote

4.      民风 (n.) mínfēng

5.      赛场 (n.) sàichăng



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