The Yellow Rubber Duck arrives in Taiwan! 黄色小鸭到台湾啰!

由荷兰 (Holland) 艺术家霍夫曼 (Florentijn Hofman) 创作的黄色小鸭 (Rubber Duck),今年五月在香港展出时曾引起相当大的轰动。本月19日中秋节当天,则在台湾的高雄港 (Kaohsiung Harbor) 登场。这次的黄色小鸭比香港版高出了1.5公尺,是目前全球第二大,亚洲最大的小鸭。它会在台湾停留四个月,一路「游」到基隆港(Keelung Harbor)。

The Yellow Rubber Duck created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman had made waves during its display in Hong Kong this May.  Right on this Mid-Autumn Festival, Sept. 19, it was shown on the Kaohsiung Harbor.  This giant Rubber Duck is 1.5 meters taller than its Hong Kong version, which becomes the second biggest Rubber Duck in the world and the biggest in Asia.  It’ll stay in Taiwan for four months, swimming along the coast to its final stop – Keelung Harbor.


1. 創作 (v.) chuàngzuò

to create

2. 引起轟動 (v.) yǐnqǐ hōngdòng

to arouse a senation

3. 中秋節 (n.) Zhōngqiūjié

Moon Festival

4. 登場 (v.) dēngchăng

to appear on the scene

5. 版 (n.) băn






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