Most heartfelt moment: adorable daddy-daughter duet in Austria 奥地利父女合唱,画面温馨动人!


An Austrian physicist recently uploaded a video of his singing with his daughter.  It is due to the night after they watched a firework show, the daughter thought she heard fireworks and couldn’t sleep.  The physicist tried to keep his daughter’s mind preoccupied by singing a song with her, but the little daughter kept saying “shh..” during this less than three minutes song and left this strategy failed.  The video depicted the natural and warm interaction between the father and the daughter and has melted people’s hearts.

1. 近日 (adv.) jìnrì


2. 利用 (v.) lìyòng

make use of

3. 收心 (v.) shōuxīn

to keep one’s mind preoccupied

4. 頻頻 (n.) pínpín


5. 徒勞無功 (phr.) túláowúgōng

in vain/ useless



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