[Friday Findings] 2013/09/30-10/04

Friday Findings: Here are the latest Chinese learning apps released during 2013/09/30-10/04.

1.  Moutain Adventure Game For Kids HD: Learn Colors, Shapes and Numbers
     [iPad only]

2.  有声“论语”注音(简繁体)20篇完整版Free – 和我一起学国学

3.  Universal Speech – Supported in 30 types of language 44 types of voice

4.  Head to Toe Chinese Nursery Rhyme

5.  Preschoolers Interactive Educational Quiz – Two Player Free Game (Mandarin)
     [iPad only]

6.  The Fox and the Stork
     [iPad only]

7.  Learn Animals Plus
     [iPad only]

8.  Eat the pin yin words

9.  Eat the zhu yin words

10.  The New 1680 English Japanese Chinese Common Phrases [Server Voice]


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