5 Walkable Cities of the World 适合散步的世界五大城市

一个网站最近挑选出世界上最适合散步的五个城市,它们有着美丽的风景、建筑及浪漫气氛,包括:以水城闻名的威尼斯 (Venice, Italy) 和阿姆斯特丹 (Amsterdam, Holland)、古老山城布拉格 (Prague, Czech Republic)、有「地上天堂」之称的斯利那加 (Srinagar, Kashmir),还有充满特色建筑的格拉纳达 (Granada, Spain)。如果累了,或是想专心思考时,不妨散散步,看看四周美景,给自己一点空间吧。

A blog recently posted the top five walkable cities of the world.  They are known for their beautiful sceneries, architectures and romantic atmosphere.  The top 5 cities are: the water city – Venice, Italy and Amsterdam of the Netherlands, the old mountain city – Prague, Czech Republic, the “Heaven on Earth” – Sringar, Kashmir, and the city famous for its spectacular architectures – Granada, Spain.  If you feel tired or need concentration, why not walk around, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and leave yourself some leisure space.

1. 散步 (v.) sànbù
to take a walk

2. 建筑 (n.) jiànzhú

3. 浪漫 (adj.) làngmàn

4.  气氛 (n.) qìfēn

5. 不妨 (ph.) bùfáng
no harm in



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