Decoding the Brain of Albert Einstein 大脑解密:世纪天才—爱因斯坦

最近一项对爱因斯坦 (Albert Einstein) 大脑的研究显示,这位著名物理学家,很可能是因为他连接大脑左右半球的胼胝体,比一般人更为发达,所以能够成为世纪天才。爱因斯坦自1955年过世后,大脑一直被保存着。这次研究人员运用一种新的科技技术来测量脑部连结程度,并与一群志愿者的样本做比较,而得出此项结论。

A study reveals that Einstein’s unusually well-connected corpus callosum, the bundle of fibers that connects the brain’s two hemispheres may have contributed to his brilliance.  Einstein’s brain was preserved after his death in 1955.  Researchers sorted out this conclusion by conducting a new technique to measure the level of cranial connectivity and comparing Einstein’s brain with other samples of a group of volunteers.


1. 解密(v.) jiěmì

to decode

2. 物理學家(n.) wùlǐxuéjiā


3. 胼胝體(n.) piánzhītǐ

corpus callosum

4. 志願者(n.) zhìyuànzhě


5. 樣本(n.) yàngběn




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