Sleep Sweeps Neurotoxic Wastes from the Brian 睡眠時腦部進行排毒


A study published in Science Journals points out that human brain may drive metabolite clearance from the brain during sleep.  The human brain does not function simultaneously in awareness and clearance when it is awake.  It is like when having a party at home, one cannot welcome the guests while sweeping the house.  If the metabolite wastes are not removed completely, some potential protein may remain in the brain which would probably cause the brain disease.  This suggests the importance of sleep.


1. 腦部 (n.) năobù

2. 排毒 (v.) páidú
to expel posion

3. 清醒 (adj.) qīngxǐng

4. 覺察 (v.) juéchá
to perceive

5. 徹底 (adv.) chèdǐ

6. 殘留 (v.) cánliú
to left over






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