eglobal Reader English-Chinese

Lilly says,
It’s time to learn to read Chinese!  This week, Lilly is going to introduce you a new fun app called eglobalreader.  Eight lessons are there for you to learn phrases and sentences step by step from actions to ancient Chinese stories.  Thinking that if it’s too difficult to read?  Don’t worry, eglobalreader provides real voice audios along with each word and sentence.  For basic-intermediate level kids, it could be their Chinese-English leisure book.

What’s Good
Besides the story, there are comprehension quizzes included at the end of each story.  You can switch your using language to English or Chinese.  Pinyin is also provided with each word.  The reading quantity provided is quite abundant compared to other free apps.

What Could Be Better
The reading speed of the audio is rather slow.  It could be better if an audio reading for the whole text is provided so that kids could listen to a whole story automatically and repeatedly.

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For further information: eglobal Reader English-Chinese


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