The Most “Januine” Image on the British Banknote《英國鈔票上最「珍」實的形象》

英國2017年新版鈔票將改印19世紀英國女作家珍‧奧斯汀(Jane Austen)的 肖像。但鈔票上的肖像版本卻意外引發爭議。由於珍‧奧斯汀在世時只留下一幅鉛筆素描肖像;在她過世五十多年後,她的姪子詹姆士根據記憶,請人重新畫了一張水彩畫像。但是兩幅畫裡的珍‧奧斯汀形象差異極大,到底哪一幅畫最接近真實的珍‧奧斯汀,誰也不知道。

The new face of £10 banknote of England will be changed to the 19 century British writer Jane Austen by 2017.  But the version of the portrait on the note was accidentally aroused controversy.  While Jane Austen was alive, there was only one pencil sketch portrait of her left.  Fifty years after her death, her nephew James, based on his memory, hired someone to repaint a watercolor painting of her.  However, the two images of Jane Austen were greatly different.  No one really knows which painting is the most closest to the real Jane Austen.



1. 形象 (n.) xíngxiàng


2. 新版 (n.) xīnbăn

new edition/ version

3. 肖像 (n.) xiàoxiàng


4.  意外 (adj.) yìwài


5.  在世 (v.) zàishì

to be alive

6.  素描 (n.) sùmiáo




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