6 world’s attractions for Cats 世界六大賞貓景點

6 world’s attractions for Cats 世界六大賞貓景點


你爱猫吗?也许在你计划旅游的时候,可以考虑拜访世界上这六个赏猫景点。台湾猴硐(Houtong, Taiwan)、土耳其卡尔坎(Kalkan, Turkey)、意大利罗马(Rome, Italy)、日本猫岛(Tashirojima, Japan)及蓝岛(Ainoshima),还有美国海明威博物馆(Hemingway Museum, US)。这些毛小孩慵懒、自在的模样,有时甚至比当地古迹或景色更吸引游客注意。他们疯狂的为猫咪拍照上传,有些还被制作成了商品!

Are you a cat lover?  Consider visiting these 6 attractions for the cats in the world.  The six places are: Houtong in Taiwan, Kalkan in Turkey, Rome in Italy, Tashirojima in Japan, Ainoshima, and Hemingway Museum in the US.  The indolent and carefree looks of these furry felines sometimes outshine the local tourist attractions.  Tourists took photos of these kittens and posted the cats’ portraits online.  Some photos were even made into commercial products.



1.        慵懒 (adj.) yōnglăn indolent

2.        自在 (adj.) zìzài free

3.        模样 (n.) móyang look; appearance

4.        古迹 (n.) gŭjī place of historic interest

5.        疯狂的 (adv.) fēngkuángde insanely







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