The Origin of Dogs – Our Old Faithful Friend 人類最忠實的朋友—現代狗的起源

最近美國加州大學 (UCLA) 的研究團隊透過DNA的比對,發現現代狗基因與古歐洲狼最相近;證明現代狗的起源,來自於一萬八千年前古歐洲獵人馴養的狼,也推翻了狗來自中東 (Middle East) 的理論。研究指出,由於獵人聚集的地方容易有吃剩的肉,使歐洲狼改變野生動物占據領地的習性,開始跟隨獵人生活,這個過程是狼被馴養的重要關鍵。

Recently the research team of UCLA found that the genes of modern domestic dogs are closest to European wolves through comparing their DNA. This finding proves that domestic dogs are derived from the wolves tamed by the ancient European hunters 18,000 years ago, which also overthrows the theory that dogs are derived from the Middle East.  This study indicates that because leftover carcasses were much easier to be found at the hunters’ gathering place, it changed the habit of European wolves from having their own territory to following the hunters.  This process is the crucial point of wolves being domesticated.

1. 比對 (v.) bǐduì
to compare

2. 獵人 (n.) lièrén

3. 馴養 (v.) xúnyăng
to domesticate

4. 推翻 (v.) tuīfān
to overthrow

5. 領地 (n.) lǐngdì



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