TicTic: Learn Chinese

What’s New:

Let’s learn Chinese words with interactive 3D animation!  Lilly has found this charming app which is suitable for children or beginners to learn Chinese words delightfully.  There are 23 categories of words in traditional and simplified Chinese.  You’ll find it interesting as I do to learn Chinese words while watching the animation.

Lilly’s Favorite
The audio soundtrack and the cute animation are my favorite.  You can replay each word simply by touching the name card.  The vivid animation allows us to relate the word to real life.  Learning Chinese words is no longer boring and tiring.4 3 25

What Could Be Better
It should be mentioned that some Chinese words are differently used in different Chinese culture, e.g.  in traditional Chinese, toilette paper means 衛生紙 (wèishēngzhǐ), but they say 手纸 (shǒuzhǐ) in simplified Chinese.

For further information: TicTic: Learn Chinese


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