Learn Chinese with CultureAlley

What’s New:
What other good way can you think of in learning Chinese?  I agree with CultureAlley that mastering the concept of a language is more important and easy to pick up the language than simply remembering the words.


Lilly’s Favorite
It teaches us the basic concepts, grammars and useful conversations of Mandarin Chinese with 30 lessons.  Each lesson is provided with audio-visual slides all in English.  It’s like having a digital tutorial video to teach us how to speak in Chinese.  Spend about 30 minutes a day to learn Chinese with CultureAlley on iPad.  Hope we could master Chinese conversations ASAP.

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What Could Be Better
Although there is a quiz session in each lesson, there is hardly an interactive device.  We might need other learning tools to assist the characters part if we want to know the Chinese character.


Further information: Learn Chinese with CultureAlley


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