Fun with Chinese Character

What’s New:
Lilly has found that recently more and more Chinese  learning apps released are based on the idea of identifying modern Chinese characters with ancient Chinese pictographs.  Fun with Chinese Characters is the latest app using interactive games to present the characters transformation.  It’s the app that Chinese beginners would not want to miss out.


Lilly’s Favorite
Games in Fun with Chinese Characters are well-designed.  Players learn the development of the characters once they achieve to the next level.  Also, this app borrows the idea that words are within paintings, so that players could indulge themselves in the world of Chinese pictographs.  We can also create our own work by ourselves.  What’s the best, there are plenty of free trials unlocked for the users!

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For Your Information:
This app reminds me another useful app about Chinese characters and Chinese pictographs: Art of Chinese Characters.
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They are both excellent apps to introduce the essence of Chinese characters.  For more information, please check Fun with Chinese Characters on iTunes!



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