Retina Cells are Successfully 3D-printed for the First Time 視網膜細胞首次3D列印成功

英國劍橋大學(University of Cambridge)神經科學教授馬丁(Dr. Keith Martin)及羅伯(Dr. Barbara Lorber)所領導的研究團隊,從二隻成鼠的視網膜抽取出二種細胞,利用噴墨印表機第一次成功列印出眼細胞,且列印過後的細胞仍然具有生存與生長能力。之後還會嘗試列印視網膜上其他種類的細胞,希望將來能為失明者帶來光明。

The research team led by neuoroscience professors Dr. Keith Martin and Dr. Barbara Lorber of University of Cambridge took two types of cells from the retina of two adult rats, using inkjet printer to print out eye cells successfully for the first time.  The printed cells are shown to remain the ability to survive and grow.  The scientists will try to print other cells of the retina as to cure blindness.

1. 視網膜 (n.) shìwăngmó

2. 細胞 (n.) xìbāo

3. 抽取 (v.) chōuqŭ
to extract

4. 噴墨印表機 (n.) pēnmò yìnbiǎojī
Inkjet printer

5. 失明者 (n.)

6. 光明 (n.) guāngmíng



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