2013 Year in Review/ 2013年世界大事新闻回顾


It’s about the end of 2013, let’s review this year’s top news.  Catholic Church elected their new Pope Francis.  Xi Jinping, China’s new leader took office.  Scientists successfully replicated human stem cells.  Coups were staged in Egypt, Ukraine and other countries.  Japan won bids to host 2020 Olympics.  Global climate anomalies were found: Super Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines; snow covered Egypt for the first time in 100 years.  Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and South African human right hero Mandela died.



1. 回顧(v.) huígù
to look back/ to review

2. 推選(v.) tuīxuăn
to elect/ to nominate

3. 幹細胞(n.) gànxìbāo
stem cell

4. 政變(n.) zhèngbiàn

5. 人權(n.) rénquán
human right

天主教會(Roman Catholic)、中國(China)、埃及開羅(Cairo, Egypt)、烏克蘭(Ukraine)、日本(Japan)、菲律賓(Republic of the Philippines)、英國(Britain)、南非(Republic of South Africa)



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