Mandarin Journey

What’s New
Here’s another creative way to learn Chinese – by reading an e-comic book.  This is the most interesting e-comic book that I have ever read.  The idea of Mandarin Journey is to introduce the Chinese learners some useful sayings by leading readers to travel around China along with the protagonist and to indulge in the Chinese culture.  Follow the hints and unfold the secret hidden in the story, you’ll find yourself not only are reading a comic book but also learning Chinese naturally.

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What’s Good
The background story is well written.  The whole app is designed as a RPG game.  Users get to know Chinese culture and words while solving the hidden mystery.  There are audio soundtracks for each Chinese words, which makes the learning process more interactive.
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What Could Be Better
There could be too many words in the clues to read.  It takes time to finish an episode just for learning a word.  It may suit those who tends to pick up Chinese leisurely.

For more information:
Mandarin Journey


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