What’s New
Lilly has found a new interesting Chinese learning app coming out, called ChineseCUBES.  It is designed like cubes.  Click on the cubes you’ll get to know the knowledge of each Chinese words.  Start from the food, ChineseCUBES teaches you how to construct those daily words into a sentence.
2 2014-01-24 10.55.59

What’s Good
The interface of this app is clear and user-friendly designed.  The “cutting words apart” device is also a brilliant design which helps us to understand the composition of the word.  Chinese characters, sentences, pinyin, English word and literal translation are all provided together.  A simple click on the pad leads you to the fun of learning Chinese.
2014-01-24 10.54.32 2014-01-24 10.56.22 2014-01-24 10.56.18 2014-01-24 10.56.12

What Could Be Better
It would be better if each single character could be pronounced seperately from the words and sentences.  Not many contents are open for free in this lite version.
2014-01-24 10.56.38

□Starters ■Basic  ■Intermediate  □Advanced

Who might like it
□Toddler  ■K-12  □Teens  □Adults  □Teachers

Contents included
■Daily vocabulary  ■Building sentences  ■Pronounciation


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