[Friday Findings] 2014/1/27 – 2/7

Check out the latest Chinese learning apps.  Items are sorted by release date.

  1. Aesop’s Fables-The Lion and The Mouse  [iPad only]
  2. Andersen’s Fairy Tales-The Ugly Duckling  [iPad only]
  3. Colour Me In Chinese New Year Free
  4. Modern Classic Tales-The Little Mole  [iPad only]
  5. 漢英字典  Chinese English Dictionary Free
  6. Tile Game Mandarin Chinese
  7. Aesop’s Fables-The Boy Who Cried Wolf  [iPad only]
  8. Modern Classic Tales-Three Monks  [iPad only]
  9. Modern Classic Tales-Three Little Pigs  [iPad only]
  10. Grimm’s Fairty Tales-The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats  [iPad only]
  11. Modern Classic Tales-Chubby Bear  [iPad only]
  12. Modern Classic Tales-Little Cat to Fish  [iPad only]
  13. Andersen’s Fairy Tales-The Snail and the Rosebush  [iPad only]
  14. Grimm’s Fairty Tales-Little Red Riding Hood  [iPad only]
  15. 100 Chinese Characters HD
  16. ColoringBook: Chinese New Year(FREE)
  17. Chinese Lesson Collection
  18. Chinese Match  [iPad only]
  19. 小學成語練習
  20. Chinese Structures

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