100 Chinese Characters HD

What’s New
It is interesting to find that there are more and more Chinese learning apps emphasizing the transformation of Chinese characters.  At least three similar apps have been published within this two years.  100 Chinese Characters HD is the latest one which focuses on the art of Chinese caligraphy.  Let’s see how this app is different from the others!

What’s Different
1. The Chinese characters are simply shown on the list, while the others are hidden in paintings.
2100 Chinese Characters HD

2013-09-02 16.42.07Art of Chinese Characters 2

2. Related Chinese poems and encyclopedia are added as usage examples.
4 3  2Art of Chinese Characters 2

3. There is no stroke order correction design for writing practice.
5   5Art of Chinese Characters 2


□Starters □Basic  ■Intermediate  ■Advanced

Who might like it
□Toddler  ■K-12  ■Teens  ■Adults  ■Teachers

Contents included
 ■characters   ■pronounciation   ■poems

Check 100 Chinese Characters HD for further information.


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