EasyWordApp Chinese

What’s New
A useful app is here introduced to you!  EasyWordApp Chinese, based on using mnemonic method to pick up Chinese words, covers various topics for learners to easily acquire Chinese from daily listening and reading.  In this free-download version, you’ll get one Basic-Association topic in which a great amount of useful Chinese simple words are to be introduced.

What’s Good
Each word is provided with one comic picture with associated sentences.  Words are with English and Chinese pronunciations.  There are also Chinese grammar documents and word exercises.
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What Could Be Better
In the Situations section, some articles are not provided with Chinese translation nor Chinese Pinyin yet while some are completed.  Although we are not sure if it only happens in this free trial version, this insufficiency should still be fixed after all.


□Starters ■Basic  ■Intermediate  □Advanced

Who might like it
□Toddler  ■K-12  ■Teens  ■Adults  □Teachers


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