Chinese Exam Helper

What’s New
Another language assisting app for HSK test takers is now released.  Chinese Exam Helper is especially designed for those who need to practice Chinese words and articles.  It is not boring a dictionary but like a protable Chinese Tutor who teaches you practical words every day.

What’s Good
The contents include daily journals, flash cards, audios of vocabs, and characters writing exercise.  Traditional and simplified Chinese of each word are both provided as well as pinyin and English translation.  The interface of the app is also well-designed.  Users may find it easy to manipulate.
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What Could Be Better
There are articles under the column of Journals, however, the lacking of manual hints makes it hard for users to find the icon for the articles.


□Starters ■Basic  □Intermediate  □Advanced

Who might like it
□Toddler  □K-12  ■Teens  ■Adults  □Teachers

Contents included
 Journals   Vocabulary   Audio   Writing


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