Chinese Slang

What’s New
Are you sure that your Chinese is good enough?  Do you know what “屌丝”, “神马”, or “拉黑” means in spoken Chinese?  Check out this app and learn more Chinese slangs! Slang is one of the cultural assets.  Using slangs helps you to communicate with local people well. Do you know that people speak different slangs in Mainland China and in Taiwan?  Chinese Slang basically introduces the slangs used in Mainland China.  If you’re interested in the Chinese culture, you should not miss out this fun app.

What’s Good
In the free trial version, there are “Internet slangs” and “relationship slangs” in the app.  By guessing the slang in a sentence, you get to know what the word means in a conversation.  Chinese Slang provides with latest Chinese slangs using traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, pinyin and English translation.
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What Could Be Better
It would be better if they add “My Vocabulary” function to the app so that one could save his own vocabulary down and review it later.


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