Mandarin House Chinese

What’s New
It is so good to see more and more practical and aesthetical Chinese learning apps released, especially when they are for free!  Mandarin House Chinese is aimed to improve students’ speaking skill.  800 commonly used sentence structures, 1000 words and 600 tests are provided.  Students are able to acquire Chinese language structure systematically.

What’s Good
The application interface of Mandarin House Chinese is truly user-friendly.  Different categories of topis are clearly presented for students with different needs.  For each sentence or vocabulary, Chinese, pinyin, and English translation are all there accompanied with audio soundtrack and “my favorite” list function.  To those who like to learn structural Chinese conversation, Mandarin House Chinese would be one of your collections.
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What Should You Know
This app is simplified Chinese based.  And there aren’t much coherent conversations.  Students should learn to build their own conversation based on the sentenses provided.


□Starters ■Basic  ■Intermediate  □Advanced

Who might like it
□Toddler  □K-12  ■Teens  ■Adults  ■Teachers


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