DuoSpeak Chinese Interactive Conversations

What’s New
For those who want to enhance their Chinese speaking ability, DuoSpeak Chinese Interactive Conversations provides a set of daily conversations.  Compare to other similar apps, DuoSpeak has large amount of contents.  Through practicing the sentences instead of indivisual words, students may verbally pick up the language faster.

What’s Good
This app is aimed at improving spoken ability, therefore, audio recordings, slow-motion speech audios, and self-recording functions are there for students to repeatedly practice the sentences.  Moreover, students learn sentences within a complete conversation, so it would be much easier for them to learn to construct a sentence in a conversation.
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What Should You Know
DuoSpeak provides simplified Chinese, pinyin, and English translation. No seperate words are introduced individually.  One should have the basic knowledge of Chinese before he use this app.


□Starters □Basic  ■Intermediate  □Advanced

Who might like it
□Toddler  □K-12  ■Teens  ■Adults  □Teachers


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