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EasyWordApp Chinese

EasyWordApp Chinese

What’s New A useful app is here introduced to you!  EasyWordApp Chinese, based on using mnemonic method to pick up Chinese words, covers various topics for learners to easily acquire Chinese from daily listening and reading.  In this free-download version, you’ll get one Basic-Association topic in which a great amount of useful Chinese simple words … Continue reading

Chinese Grammar Cop.

Hello everyone! It’s Hsiao Laoshi from Georgetown University again! Today, we are going to talk a bit more about some of the fundamental differences between Chinese and English. In English, the use of the to-be verb “is” and “are” are evident when you say, for example, “You are beautiful” or “He is tall.” The to-be … Continue reading

Chinese Grammar Cop. – I sleep in the library

Hello Chinese Learners! It’s Hsiao Laoshi from Georgetown University again, and welcome back to Chinese Grammar Cop! Today we are going to review a common mistake. When you are speaking in Chinese, the “place word” differs from the English prepositional phrase “in.” For example, when you want to say “I sleep in the library” (which … Continue reading

Chinese Grammar Cop. – I agree with you

Hey! This is Hsiao Laoshi from Georgetown University. Most English speakers will make many mistakes while trying to speak Chinese. I’m going to list some of them here every two weeks. I hope that will help you improve your Chinese, and make it sound more authentic!! Ok, let’s move on to the number one mistake! … Continue reading